Kyoto by the Sea

Ine Buri Shabu

The historic town of Ine, with its 230 boat houses lining the bay, is not only recognized as one of “Japan’s Most Beautiful Villages,” but it is also famous for being one of the three best areas in Japan to eat yellowtail (along with Himi City in Toyama Prefecture and the Goto Islands of Nagasaki Prefecture). From late autumn to winter, when the water temperature drops sharply, the deliciousness of the yellowtail spikes due to the increase in good-quality fat. There are quite a few restaurants that sell yellowtail, and the "buri shabu" cooking style is especially popular. In late autumn, many gourmet lovers from all over the country come for a chance to have Ine yellowtail served shabu-shabu style in boiling water. It just isn't as fresh anywhere else, and this area’s chefs specialize in preparing shabu-style yellowtail.