Kyoto Tea Country


  • Traditional inns (ryokan)
  • All Non-Smoking
  • Credit Card Payment Available
  • Family Friendly
  • Muslim Friendly Facilities
  • Onsen/Public bath
  • Private baths/showers

In Wazuka-cho, a town in Kyoto Prefecture and part of Uji's tea region, there is a small 4-room Japanese inn, Wazukasou. Wazukasou was formerly a small mountain cabin, but in July 2017 it was reopened as an inn. Apart from staying the night, you can also come and enjoy the delicious cuisine here (prior reservation is needed). The lunch time limited menu includes matcha tofu, roasted tea rice, deep-fried tea leaves, and more: a perfect combination of tea and Japanese style cuisine that can only be tasted here in the town of tea (the lunch course is 2,888 yen including tax). Come enjoy delicious food surrounded by tea fields.

In the inn's main building there are 2 Japanese-style rooms, and 2 Westernized Japanese rooms, and in the annex there is room for 30 individuals or groups of 8 people and more to stay. For dinner you can enjoy the seasonal kaiseki (formally arranged course meal), which incorporates tea through matcha tofu and roasted tea (houjicha) pudding. The baths are also infused with green tea, perfect for relaxation. With real tea in tea light candle burners giving off the scent of tea, and a complimentary sencha (green tea) after breakfast, the hospitality of this inn is irresistible for tea-lovers, and lives up to the inn’s own concept of "enjoying tea with the five senses."

25-5 Shirasu-Shishigaguchi, Wazuka-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
Bus: From JR Kamo Station, take the bus bound for Wazuka Kosugi for 20 minutes, get off at the "Wazukayama no ie" bus stop and walk approximately 8 minutes. *For groups of 8 or more transfer service is possible from the JR Kamo Station or JR Kizu Station. For groups of 4 or more a transfer service is possible from within Wazuka-cho.

Car: From National Route 24 (at the Kamikoma intersection), head to National Route 163, and then to Prefectural Route 5 (Approximately 16 minutes, 10.8km after national route 24)

Parking spaces for regular-sized vehicles: 8 (Price: Free)
Parking spaces for large vehicles: 2 micro-bus spaces (Price: Free)
Check-in/Check-out Times
3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m./ 10:00 a.m.
Foreign Language Support
English *Translation tablet devices available
Muslim Friendly Information