Kyoto Tea Country


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Opened in September 2016, this guest house is a renovated 100-year-old former tea-processing house. While retaining the best of the original building, like its thick beams, the texture of soil has been used for the dirt floor and walls to bring out the atmosphere of a tea-processing house. Visitors can also experience traditional Japanese culture firsthand through the work of Kyoto lantern craftsmen, plasterers, lighting designers, etc. From the windows, you can see the rural scenery of Ujitawara and Mt. Jubu in the distance, and the stars spreading across the sky at night. It's an inn perfect for those who want to spend a quiet time enjoying the best of the seasons. There is also a cypress bath and kitchen, perfect for long stays.

5 Iwayama Nakade, Ujitawara, Tsuzuki District, Kyoto Prefecture
20 minutes by taxi from JR Uji Station (Shuttle available)
090-3652-2086 (Connects to representative, Yamamoto)