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Sumiya Kiho-an

  • Traditional inns (ryokan)
  • Credit Card Payment Available
  • Family Friendly
  • Onsen/Public bath
  • Shuttle

Kameoka City's Yunohana Onsen region is often referred to as "Kyo no Okuzashiki," meaning a getaway location close to the city of Kyoto. Legend has it that long ago in the Sengoku period (the "period of warring states," from 1467-1615), samurai warriors would come to these hot springs to heal their wounds. Nestled in the mountains, these days Sumiya Kiho-an has more of a nature resort-like atmosphere. The thatched roof gate and earthen walls at the entryway, the takekomai earthen walls, and the traditional Japanese oven made from eco-friendly shikkui plaster are numerous examples of traditional Japanese architecture and craftsmanship you'll find here. Sumiya Kiho-an’s exclusive atmosphere extends to the guest rooms, library, café, and tea room. After relaxing at the onsen overlooking the mountains, or with Ayurvedic spa treatments, you can enjoy a kaiseki meal (formally arranged course) made using Kyoto vegetables, local Tamba beef and other local seasonal produce. Sumiya Kiho-an has an atmosphere reminiscent of the idyllic landscape of pre-modern Japan, without feeling stuffy, and the modern touches make it an exquisite but lesser-known hideaway.

Yunohana Onsen, Hiedano-cho, Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture
Bus: From JR Kameoka Station, take the Keihan Kyoto Kostu Bus heading to Sonobe Station Nishi-guchi (West exit), get off at "Yunohana Onsen" bus stop and walk 1 minute.

Car: From the Kyoto Jukan Expressway take the Kameoka Interchange exit, and take National Route 372 for approximately 10 minutes towards Sasayma.

*There is a pick-up service available from Kameoka Torokko Station to Sumiya Kiho-an, and from JR Kameoka station to Sumiya Kiho-an. Reservations are required in advance.
Check-in/Check-out Times
3:00 p.m. / 11:00 a.m.
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