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Renting out a whole thatched-roof house for you and your dog
It's a newly renovated cottage, originally one of the typical traditional thatched-roof houses in the village with "EISA" as its nickname. You can overlook the pristine water of Yura river from a terrace besides the cottage. The little thatched-roof outhouse is your private bathroom with hiba wood bathtub. Fully equipped with necessities. Mini-bar as well as a beer server and a mini wine cellar are available for your private bar time. AND, you can stay with your dog inside of the house as it has a wide earthen floor space.

52 Kitsuneiwa Shima, Miyama Town Nantan City Kyoto 〒601-0751 (Location of the Reception)
* EISA is located 2 min. drive from the Reception.
Check-in/Check-out Times
check-in:15:00  check out:10:00
Foreign Language Support
TEL +81-771-75-5125
FAX +81-50-3737-2389