Ukawa Onsen Yoshino-no-sato

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  • Yoshino-no-sato hot spring Ryugu(warm water)
  • cottage interior (ocean view, 6 guests, maisonette room)
  • cottage interior (mountain view, 2 guests, western style room)
  • cottage interior (mountain view, 4 guests, Japanese style room)
  • summer dinner (BBQ and meat)
  • winter dinner (crab nabe)

Ukawa Onsen Yoshino-no-sato, situated in the "Kyoto by the Sea" area, is an accommodation in Kyotango City where you can enjoy onsen day trips.
The hot springs here boast an abundant use of natural wood, and the water comes from a natural hot spring 1200 meters underground. There are two hot springs with completely different styles. The seaside hot spring "Ryugu" overlooks the Sea of Japan and has a stunning ocean view, while the mountainside hot spring "Kaguya" is tucked in among bamboo groves and offers a calming woodland setting.
The hot spring is full of chloride minerals that are said to make the skin moist. Therefore, it is known as a hot spring of beauty and is popular among women.
Ukawa Onsen Yoshino-no-sato also has "rotenburo" (open-air baths), onsens with hot water or lukewarm water, and saunas.
The cottage-style accommodation has a uniquely Japanese feel, with seaside rooms overlooking the Sea of Japan and mountainside rooms offering a calming view of the untouched woodland.
The rooms are equipped with cooking utensils and a mini kitchen and you can also enjoy BBQ on the open terrace. It is the perfect place to relax with family and friends.
※Due to construction and renovation at the onsen, the onsen will not be available until late March 2021.

Basic information


Postal code:627-0242
1562 Kyuso, Tango-cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto


Number of regular vehicles: 67 cars (Charges: Free)

Number of large vehicles: 2 buses *reservation needed(Charges: Free)

Check-in time


Check-out time



Bus : Take the Tango Kairiku bus (bound for Kyogamisaki) from 'Mineyama' Station on the Kyoto Tango Railway Miyatoyo Line for 70 minutes and get off at 'Kyuso' bus stop, then walk for 5 minutes.

Car : 【from Kyoto City】Kyoto Jukan Expressway → Sanin Kinki Expressway → Kyotango Omiya IC → R655 → R53 → R48 2→ R178
【from Osaka City】Maizuru Wakasa Expressway → Kyoto Jukan Expressway → Sanin Kinki Expressway → Kyotango Omiya IC → R655 → R53 → R482 → R178
40 minutes by car from 'Kyotango Omiya' IC

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Access to Kyoto by the Sea

Access to Kyoto in the Forests

Access to Kyoto Infused with Tea

Access to Kyoto Otokuni Bamboo Grove

Equipment and service in facilities


Features of accommodations

Hot spring lodgings|Serves crab cuisine|Provides planned activities

Non-smoking rooms


*Smoking is prohibited in the building.

Total number of rooms

8 rooms : 3 ocean view rooms, 4 mountain view rooms, 1 hall-style room

Room type

【ocean view】maisonette room (6 guests), maisonette room (4 guests)【mountain view】Japanese style room (4 guests), twin room (2 guests), hall (12 guests)

Accommodation plans

Plans with no meals

Plans with dinner included

Equipment and service in facilities

Toilet facilities available|Free Wi-Fi|Spa|Food Allergy Accommodations|Public bath|Onsen (hot spring)|Rotenburo (open-air bath)|Day trip bathing|Sauna

*Others : camping space / shop / table tennis / massage machines / ice cream and milk vending machine【free rental】oven toaster for bread / cutlery / cooking tools / aluminum pots / Q tips / thermometer / nail file / bandage / disposable chopsticks / straws / mosquito coil / desk lamp / wooden blocks / wooden puzzles / games (cards, othello, Shogi (Japanese chess)) 【toll needed rental】BBQ stove set 2200 yen / charcoal 550 yen / net 550 yen / fire starter 220 yen / hot plate 1100 yen / portable stove with as canister 550 yen / gas canister 220 yen


Not available

Room Facilities

Toilet facilities available|Toothbrushes|Shaver|shampoo|body wash|Towel|Bath towels

Other: air conditioning / Television / refrigerator / kitchen / safe / shower (no bath tub) / telephone / microwave ( only for rooms with ocean view and hall) / Samue / down quilt / Q tips / hair brush *No shower in hall. *Rooms with mountain view do not have microwave. Please use the public microwave at the entrance.

Foreign languages spoken

Foreign language explanations/displays:

In Japanese only

Foreign language guides/interpretation/audio guides:

In Japanese only

Contact information


Ukawa Onsen Yoshino-no-sato



English|Traditional Chinese|Simplified Chinese|Korean

Website for reservations


*Other accommodation plans : Plans with 2 meals included / Plans with breakfast included