Chagenkyo (Wazuka Town)

Kyoto Infused with TeaA land of tea and culture with verdant vistas to soothe the soul.

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In the Kyoto Infused with Tea area, with its long history as an Uji tea producing region, you'll have a chance to experience the history, culture, and cuisine of Japanese tea through various tea activities. There are plenty of places to see cherry blossoms and fall leaves, along with highlights such as historical cultural heritages. We will introduce to you the various charms of the Kyoto Infused with Tea area.

From Kyoto Station to Uji Station Approx. 20 min
From Kyoto Station to Yawatashi Station Approx. 35 min
From Kyoto Station to Kamo Station Approx. 50 min

Access to Kyoto Infused with Tea

Recommended sightseeing spots

These verdant tea fields lining the mountains are called the birthplace of tea, and the sight of them is a symbol of the area. Visitors can enjoy tea activities, seasonal fruit picking, traditional cuisine brimming with seasonal ingredients, and specialties such as curry made from Uji green tea.

Must-See Sights

Cherry blossoms and Autumn leaves

Dining & Local Specialties



Fruits picking

Main matsuri (festivals) and events

Cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing method where trained cormorants hunt for river fish from boats. You can see this traditional skill from a boat yourself on the Ujigawa River in summer. Joyo City is illuminated in winter by 700,000 lights in a light pageant.

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