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Cherry blossoms and Autumn leaves

Spots to see cherry blossoms and autumn leaves bringing beautiful colors to Kyoto

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The abundant natural scenery of Kyoto changes its expression with each of the four seasons. Especially beautiful are the cherry blossoms in spring and the colored leaves in autumn. At these times both the town and the surrounding hills take on vibrant new expressions of color and beauty. From famous sites for viewing cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, to secret places of hidden beauty, we will introduce you to all the best places to enjoy the scenic beauty of Kyoto.

Cherry blossoms

You can see cherry blossoms coloring every aspect of Kyoto: the beauty of the cherry trees flowering in the parks, the vibrant cherry blossoms coloring the castle remains and historical sites, the rows of cherry trees by the river with their petals dancing in the air above the water and the fantastic world of illumination of the cherry blossoms lit up at night. Let us find the perfect cherry blossom scene for you.

Autumn leaves

As autumn deepens, the leaves of the trees start to turn yellow and gold, dyeing the landscape in brilliant colors. The color of the leaves matches the elegant beauty of the historic temples and the autumnen leaves decorate the road to the temple, as the whole valley is decorated in beautiful shades of crimson and gold. So come and appreciate the artistic beauty of the autumn scenery in Kyoto.

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