Game (Gibier) Cuisine

Dining and Local Specialties

An array of seasonal flavors and specialties from both land and sea

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The combination of fresh seafood with the delicious taste of mountain products makes Kyoto's cuisine a rich and tasty one. If you are visiting Kyoto, you should definitely take the opportunity to try the local cuisine. We can also tell you where to go to find those extra special local delicacies and other items that will make the perfect souvenirs of your trip. So let us introduce you to the best Kyoto has to offer.


Seafood, especially crabs and oysters, freshly caught in the Sea of Japan, are used lavishly in the local cuisine. You can also enjoy the rich tastes of wild game and poultry. There is even a special curry made using powdered green tea. Kyoto is full of flavors that can only be experienced here. So enjoy your first taste of the flavors of Kyoto.

Local Specialties

From standard menu items, to creative cuisine, we take a look at the local specialties you will want to try. There is traditional Tanba Chirimen, green tea, canned foods that preserve the taste of the high quality raw materials, Kyoto wine (which goes with a lot of different foods), local sweets and more. These high quality products, rich in local character, will make the perfect souvenirs of your travels.

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