Woodland Kyoto

Sagano Romantic Train

The Sagano Romantic Train is a sightseeing train that uses the old Sanin train line. From Torokko Saga Station to Torokko Kameoka Station, the train covers 7.3 kilometers in about 25 minutes, with mountain cherry blossoms and fresh green in the springtime, the voices of cicadas and the sound of the rain and river in the summer, brilliant autumn leaves in the fall, and snowy scenery in the winter—perfect for taking in the best of the seasonal scenery along the Hozu-gawa River Gorge.

Torokko Saga Station:
Just outside Saga-Arashiyama Station on the JR Sagano Line

Torokko Kameoka Station:
10 minutes walk from Umahori Station on the JR Sagano Line
Business Hours
Operating March 1st - December 29th