Kyoto Otokuni Bamboo Grove

Yanagidani Kannon (Yokoku-ji Temple)

Yanagidani Kannon (Yokokuji Temple) is located in Nagaokakyo City, not far from Kyoto City and close to the famous Otokuni Bamboo Grove, where the main attraction is the eleven-faced, thousand-armed statue of the bodhisattva Kannon statue. The temple is built on the side of a mountain, and the inner temple building and main hall are connected by a long corridor surrounded by a Kyoto-designated scenic garden, Jodo-en. On the second floor is the Kamishoin Study, which was once a designated study room for elites during the Meiji era (1868-1912). These days, the study room and its beautiful view of the gardens is open to the public. The Yokokuji Hydrangea Path is a famous place to enjoy hydrangeas and inludes over 4,500 hydrangea plants that bloom in June and in the summer months. In autumn, the deep red carpet of the Kamishoin Study and bright red autumn foliage creates an impressive sight, open for viewing only on the 17th of each month. It's also widely believed that there is holy water ("oko-zui") at Yokoku-ji Temple connected to the famous Buddhist monk Kukai, and that this water is thought to heal diseases of the eye.

2 Donotani, Jododani, Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Prefecture
From Hankyu Nishiyama Tennozan Station, take Hankyu Bus to "Okukaiin-ji" bus top, then walk approximately 40 minutes or take a taxi for 10 minutes.
From Hankyu Nagaoka Tenjin Station, take Hankyu Bus to "Okukain-ji" bus stop, then walk approximately 40 minutes or take a taxi for 10 minutes.
Approximately 15 minutes by taxi from JR Nagaokakyo Station.

Car: About 10 minutes from the Nagaokakyo IC exit (on the Kyoto Ju-kando Expressway)

*On the 17th of each month there are shuttle buses from the east exit of Hankyu Nishiyama Tennozan Station and the west exit of JR Nagaokakyo Station (300 yen one way). The bus will depart once it is full, regardless of time. For more information please refer to the website (Japanese only)
Business Hours
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Last entry 4:00 p.m.)
No regular closing days
Space for regular-sized vehicles:
In front of the gates: approximately 15 spaces
First parking lot: approximately 15 spaces
Second parking lot: approximately 30 spaces
Fourth parking lot: approximately 50 spaces