Komyo-ji Temple

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Komyoji Temple was first built in 1198 (Kenkyu 9) when Buddhist Master Honen disciple Kumagai Naozane erected it in an area favored by Honen. It is also the head temple of Seizan Pure Land Buddhism. Climbing up the gentle stone steps, you can see the massive Main Hall and the Amida Hall connected by a corridor.
This temple is known as an autumn leaf scenic spot. In late autumn both sides of the approach are painted in brilliant reds.

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Postal code:617-0811
26-1 Aosaijonai, Nagaokakyo City

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9:00 - 16:00

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Open every day


- Take JR Kyoto Line to "Nagaokakyo Station" or Hankyu Kyoto Line to "Nagaoka Tenjin Station," board Hankyu Bus, and get off at "Asahigaoka Home Mae"

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Komyo-ji Temple




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